Eric Cortina’s Favorite Things by Hedda Staines

Roger’s Gardens’ Creative Director, Designer, and Buyer:  Eric Cortina loves to do it all.  His style is constantly evolving, and choosing a few items for this shortlist was a challenge.  Here he shares some of his current favorites that have made it out of the store, and into his home. […]

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Christmas Decorating Trends for 2013 by Eric Cortina

The holidays are upon us, and I know a few of you may be intimidated by the idea of decorating for the holidays, so here are few tips and decor trends to make the process more enjoyable. In order to minimize stress, try to be realistic about the time you need to decorate and schedule it [...]

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Florals for Summer Weddings by Opal Sullivan

Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives; therefore we want it to be perfect for you.  Planning a wedding can be fun, exciting and sometimes overwhelming. We all want and strive for a beautiful day filled with family, friends, flowers, and memories to last a lifetime. […]

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A Garden of Roses by Laurie Chaffin

I have spent my life in gardens filled with roses. Every home I lived in had a beautiful rose garden. Roses were my mother’s passion. In the seventies she opened a nursery specializing in roses. My father often teased her saying the nursery was an excuse to grow roses by the thousands. And that is what [...]

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Spring Floral Trends 2013 by Christopher Nichols

The word “Springtime” always brings a smile to my friends and family. To me it’s a time of renewal, regrowth and COLOR!  Taking cues from the fashion industry, it seems that florally speaking, Spring 2013 is all about color, texture and pattern.   Here are some of my favorites. […]

Spring Home Décor Trends 2013 by Eric Cortina

Spring is the perfect chance to bring new life and décor into our surroundings.  After the dreary winter weather, and the last couple of years of the monochromatic design trends, it’s time to not only add color but also personality to the interior of your home. […]

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Cut Flowers in February & March by Lew Whitney

February is usually the coldest and wettest month of the year in Southern California which begs the question… why would I want to garden? My first, personal answer is that I always love to garden, in particular to grow flowers for cutting, but if you are a little less devoted than I am, I have some [...]

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Trade Secrets for Holiday Entertaining by Eric Cortina

I enjoy entertaining during the Holiday season since it gives me a chance to spend quality time with my close friends and share my home with them.  The house is already decorated for Christmas, so all I have to focus on is setting the table and hopefully having one of my culinary friends help out [...]

Monochromatic Flower Arranging by Christopher Nichols

Sticking to a single hue when selecting flowers for a bouquet may sound like a dull plan to some people. Why pick one color when you can have red roses, yellow daisies, and purple hydrangea together in one vase? But Roger’s top designers know that monochromatic floral arrangements can be one of the best ways [...]