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Going Green – 2018 Home Décor Trend

Green is a vibrant color that symbolizes renewal and growth. It is the color you see the most in our natural environment and is associated with the spring season when everything comes to life. Its meaning is balance, calm and harmony, so it is a great color to have around when you are trying [...]

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Influenced by Nature – 2018 Home Décor Trend

The most beautiful things come from nature.  The mix of patterns and color combinations always inspire us to incorporate the feeling of the outdoors into our interior design.  A big trend again this year is using the natural elements and transforming them into furniture and decorative accessories. Onyx [...]

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Blue & White – 2018 Home Décor Trend

Still going strong into 2018 is the classic color combination of blue and white.  Roger’s has reinvented the duo this year with a relaxed beach vibe. This casual approach is inviting and very easy to incorporate into our local coastal décor. Mixed Patterned Dinnerware This festive dinnerware collection [...]

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Perfect Paperwhites in Pots

One of the easiest and most popular winter duties is growing pots of beautiful, fragrant Paperwhite Narcissus.  Paperwhites provide clusters of white flowers and perfume the season when we you need it most, and you can time them to bloom exactly when you desire.  For a beautiful blooming centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table, start them [...]

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Behind the Curtain: Halloween 2016 Grimm Tales – Come Closer

Now that the dust has settled, it's time to see how everything turned out! Based on The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, this years room is divided up into four stories: Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood and Snow White. Let's take a stroll through the (haunted) woods, shall we? Enter if you dare! [...]

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Behind The Curtain: Halloween 2016, Grimm Tales

Wow how time flies! Good to see you again, you look great! Did you do something new with your hair? Have you been working out? Whatever you've been doing it works for you! I can't believe a whole year has passed since we've last met. What have you been up to? We've been busy getting our [...]

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Home Décor Trends for 2016

I always look forward to the international trade shows that I attend in Paris and Frankfurt. These seem to set the tone for the up and coming home décor trends that will also influence us here back at home. But this year I found that our Southern Californian lifestyle as well as the hip artist [...]

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Holiday Entertaining by Barbara McGraw

The season for entertaining is here. Whether you’re throwing a big bash or hosting an intimate dinner, you’ll want your home to be beautiful, organized and ready for sharing a memorable time with family and friends. A few tips and some table inspiration will hopefully send you on your way to spread the joy without [...]

A Naturally Beautiful Christmas

Nature is a revered and important part of the holiday season. Fir trees, fragrant wreaths, paper whites and amaryllis speak the language of Christmas. Without some of these elements sprinkled throughout our homes, we would be missing an essential aspect of the season. […]

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