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Children’s Gardening Activities by Tracy Wankner

One of the most rewarding ways to spend an afternoon is gardening with a child. Please understand, I say this even though I don’t have any children of my own yet. For now, I get to borrow them, teach them about digging in the dirt, and hand them back a little messier than I found them. You [...]

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Create a Storybook Miniature Garden by Barbara McGraw

Is there anything more magical than a storybook cottage?  Follow along with me step by step as I bring an enchanted cottage to life in a miniature garden.  Unleash your imagination, think small and capture a page from a fairytale. […]

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Children’s Memories Created in the Garden by Cathy McEntire

As a young girl born and raised in Southern Orange County, most of my childhood memories were made outdoors, in the garden.  I can still remember the first red, ripe, strawberry harvested from the small pot that sat on our front porch.  I remember collecting cedar greens and Pyracantha berries to decorate holiday wreaths for [...]

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The Miniature Garden in History by Barbara McGraw

The gardening world is seeing a fascination with the miniature.  Garden centers are reserving space for tiny benches, arbors, and bridges.  Dwarf variety plants and small leaf ground covers are in demand.   Some might see this as a “new trend” but if we look to the past we can begin to understand the present. [...]

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