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Aimee Goodwin
Aimee GoodwinVisual Creative
Barbara McGraw
Barbara McGrawGallery Staff
Chris Patterson
Chris PattersonOrchid & Indoor Plant Buyer
Christopher Nichols
Christopher NicholsLifestyle, Floral & Original Designs Production Manager
Emily McKibben
Emily McKibbenVisual Merchandiser
Eric Cortina
Eric CortinaCreative Director
Hedda Staines
Hedda StainesHoliday Buyer
Lew Whitney
Lew WhitneyExecutive Committee
Lisa Bauchiero
Lisa BauchieroOriginal Designs Manager
Lynn Hillman
Lynn HillmanExpert Horticulturist
Onita Castillo
Onita CastilloOriginal Designs Team Leader
Opal Sullivan
Opal SullivanFloral Studio Manager
Rex Yarwood
Rex YarwoodNursery Manager & Buyer
Ron Vanderhoff
Ron VanderhoffGeneral Manager
Suzanne Hetrick
Suzanne HetrickExpert Horticulturist
Sylvr Sharp
Sylvr SharpVisual Merchandiser
Tim Fiskin
Tim FiskinColorscape Buyer