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Tomatoes – The Essence of Summer by Steve Hampson

I have been gardening for most of my life.  One of my earliest memories is of my parents and me, barely four years old, moving into our house on Long Island with a large back yard.  That first summer I helped my mom plant yellow marigolds and my dad plant his first tomato plants.  By [...]

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Zov’s Greek Salad Recipe

This salad is more robust than ordinary Greek salads, and is perfect showcase for summer’s brightest ingredients. Seek out the freshest produce you can find, and use a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil to enhance the salad’s dramatic flavors. Dried mint might seem unusual here, but when combined with fresh mint, it adds an extra layer of refreshing coolness. Remember [...]

Gardening in a Warm Season by Ron Vanderhoff

Summer is here. Two things we know for sure: it will be hot and there will not be a drop of rain. If we are experienced gardeners we also know that, regardless of our efforts, many of the plants in our gardens will shut down during the summer heat. […]

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Summer Wedding Florals by Christopher Nichols

You can have a stunning setting and the most beautiful dress, but we all know what makes a wedding perfect: the flowers. As plans for the big day start to peak this time of year, our veteran floral studio manager Opal Sullivan enjoys watching the latest wedding trends–in everything from unusual themes to colors palettes [...]

Dahlia Days Begin Now by Lew Whitney

For summer flowers, there is nothing better than the Dahlia family. Now that June is ending and July is beginning, it is not too late to include Dahlias in your garden, both in the ground and in pots. Roger’s receives weekly shipments of fully grown Dahlias in bud and bloom for an instant splash of [...]

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