And the Winner is… Pigletwillie’s French Black

An image of dark red cherry tomatoes

It’s Award Season and we’re joining in the fray! After a summer of tasting, testing, cooking, and generally enjoying the fruits of our labors it’s only right to decide which of those fruits deserves the most accolades right?

So how do we decide?  There are SO many good ones!

First and foremost, this tomato needs to taste good

We were stunned by not only the great taste but the UNIQUE taste of this new favorite. We only found this variety two years ago and it rocketed to the top of our taste list.

Production is another key factor.

YES, this one exceeded all expectations – and through a long season in varied locations: the beach, inland valleys and in containers.

Pretty as a picture? 

Sure, the look of a tomato is always what first makes us fall in love. 

Pigletwillie’s is a small dark red/chocolate saladette-size tomato that produces in generous bunches all over the plant. The color makes it hide a bit so look closely as the season progresses.

Long season, huh? So how did the plant hold up? 

A strong character and tough personality comes with this package. We didn’t coddle this baby and the plant impressed all along.

So what exactly do you use this one for? 

We call it a saladette because it will cut into four perfect pieces for additions to salads.  It’s about the size of three cherry tomatoes put together, a bit larger if it’s really happy. Don’t limit it to salads only or you’ll cheat yourself! 

Sandwiches? Sauces?

Yes and yes – but we like it best with a pinch of salt. Take off your garden gloves and cradle it in your bare hand. Then take a  big bite of the juicy, sun-warmed fruit. Add more salt and go for another bite! We know you’ll be a fan.

We’ve got so many wonderful varieties to share with you this season!