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Roger's Gardens Presents...

Outdoor Living

"Enjoy the outdoors! Create your very own resort like oasis with Rogers Gardens exclusive patio furniture collections. Shop from the largest designer collection of outdoor furniture and accessories in Orange County. On sale and in-stock now, available for pick-up or delivery in OC."

Roger's Gardens Presents...

Outdoor Entertaining

Find everything you need to create your own beautiful oasis in your outdoor living space to entertain family and friends.

Featured Plant of the Week

Dwarf Lantana

Experience a Hummingbird summer with our newest favorite hummingbird plant and often their favorite too. The new Dwarf lantana not only attracts hummingbirds, but also butterflies and other pollinators, with its non-stop blooms. This new lantana isn’t like what you have seen before. Compact, with a dense mound of foliage and continuous flowers. The sterile flowers allow it to focus its energy on blooming and feeding hummingbirds.

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Flower of the Month

Buy 2 • Get 1 Free

Create your summer garden. Zinnias love the heat of summer, and their bright colors blend perfectly with the season. Choose from tall cut flower types or low, bushy varieties which are ideal for flower beds and containers. Zinnias bloom continuously through the warm months and are also excellent for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.

Available in-store only.

Featured Rose of the Week

'Sweet Mademoiselle'

'Sweet Mademoiselle' stays true to its name as a thick, blush cupped rose that emanates a rich, sweet fragrance. This vigorous hybrid tea produces large flowers varying in pink and apricot hues that make for grandiose bouquets and showy displays in the garden. This rose is a vigorous producer with good disease resistance. 'Sweet Mademoiselle' was selected by Roger's Gardens' Rose Buyer as the most impressive rose available this week.

Shop the largest selection and the newest varieties of premium Roses. Choose from over 250 different varieties online & in-store.

Indoor Planted Arrangements

Let us help you add that touch of seasonal beauty to your home with a beautiful planted arrangement. Or give as a gift to be adorned for weeks to come.

Hummingbird Garden Containers

Invite hummingbirds to your garden by bringing home one of our beautiful Original Design’s planted hummingbird garden containers. Each arrangement is planted with an assortment of colorful annuals and perennials that will be buzzing with visitors in no time.

Nurture Yourself while Nurturing a Plant

Indoor Plants

Bring the beauty of nature into your home. Shop from a variety of unique indoor plants.

Roger's Gardens Presents...

Blue & White Home Décor Accents

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home. Design your tablescape or mantle with these handcrafted blue and white serving pieces to entertain and bring a creative style to your table or buffet.

Roger's Gardens Presents...

Milkweeds for Monarchs

Our local Monarch butterflies need our help. Monarchs require milkweed plants for their survival. Without Milkweed, the larva would not be able to develop into a butterfly. Planting native milkweed in your garden is an important step toward helping the Monarch butterflies thrive in our community.

Product Spotlight:

Deluxe Cocktail Garden Trays for Summer

For the more advanced cocktail party. Create any libation with your homegrown garnishments! Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil and Mint Comes in a metal trough with a handle and has drainage for plants.

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Plant Finder

Roger’s Gardens is the leading garden center in Southern California with the largest plant resource library.

Use Plant Finder to learn more about a specific plant’s primary attributes, growth, and care needs to find the ideal plants for your landscape and garden.

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