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Stylish Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas For Your Table This Fall

Stylish Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is a time of joy, a time to gather, and a time to express gratitude for all of the gifts in our lives. And while you might be hyper-focused on what everyone will be filling their bellies with on this festive occasion, it’s worth remembering what you’ll be gathering around and give your table decor some attention.

If you’re fresh out of ideas and looking for a little inspiration in this department, we’ve got some creative ideas for you. Make your Thanksgiving dinner table fit for a truly special occasion with some of these easy, stylish Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas we can help you put together.

Stylish Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Celebrate the Harvest

Bring the bounty of the fall harvest to the table with gourds, wheat stalks, dried corn, mini pumpkins, and some fall-inspired florals like mums and sunflowers. This bountiful floral arrangement includes plenty of greenery in addition to festive colors like some cheery orange kalanchoe flowers offset by the muted yellow and green veining of a croton plant, all encircled by a wreath of ivy and the added harvest touch of a little miniature pumpkin nestled in the middle.

Stylish Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Wheat Stalk Centerpiece

The texture and warmth of wheat stalks make them an easy choice for a thanksgiving centerpiece idea. Place your wheat stalks on a bed of fall foliage scooped from your own yard or a walk through your local park. Add a few tea lights and little white pumpkins to add additional interest.

Stylish Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Embrace Muted Tones

The silvery green of eucalyptus makes for a wonderful base to build upon in a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Add in elegant, deep tones like burnt orange and maroon to take you away from the traditional bright yellows and oranges often associated with the harvest, offering a rustic vibe to your table motif this year. Repurpose a vintage wooden box, antique metal tray, or even a hollowed out pumpkin to piece together an arrangement utilizing items like twigs with berries, deep red roses, ivy, chrysanthemums, and lotus seed pods. Or, save yourself time and energy by picking up an ever-popular Succulent Topped Pumpkin! No carving required, the succulents which are picked to match the pumpkin selected and glued on top to appear as though they are billowing out of the inside of the pumpkin. A light misting will keep them fresh throughout the season!

Stylish Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Enjoy All The Beauty Without All The Work

If you are someone that loves the idea and appearance of flowers, but don’t love the maintenance that comes along with them, you might just fall in love with silk flower arrangements. Get all of the gorgeous roses, calla lilies, dahlias and sedums you can ask for without ever having to pull out a watering can. Professionally designed silk flower arrangements are amazing for those who often forget to water plants, as well as any of you who have nosy pets at home that tend to nibble on your houseplants!

Stylish Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Fields Of Gold

Light up your table with this Thanksgiving centerpiece idea which focuses on the bright, cheery yellow and orange tones that are a much-loved aspect of the season. To add to the festive vibes, you can borrow from the arrangement ideas listed above by sprinkling in deeper tones using items like black grapes, pears, artichokes, and perhaps even a few pine cones to bring the outdoors in.

We hope that this Thanksgiving is a joyous time of celebration for you and your loved ones. It is only the beginning of a bountiful holiday season of gatherings, so stop by Roger’s Gardens to check out our extensive collection of seasonal decorative items to dress up your home both inside and out.