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Support Wildlife & Habitat Gardens

Saturday, April 8


Gardeners play a crucial role in monarch butterfly recovery and supporting pollinators through their gardening practices and decisions. Suzanne and Sarah, expert local gardeners, will explain about the monarch's life cycle, best food plants such as the milkweed, and how you can help. They will also showcase the best plants for both their beautiful flowers and benefits to pollinators, discussing the difference between honeybees and native pollinators, what makes a plant great for pollinators, and how to grow them for maximum beauty and support for pollinator wildlife.

10 AM: Monarchs and Milkweeds: What You Can Do To Support Monarch Recovery
Located at the Amphitheater

11 AM – 2 PM: Massey Honey Tasting
Located in the Garden Theater

2 PM: Which Plants Attract Pollinators & How to Add Them to Your Garden
Located at the Amphitheater

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