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Sensory Garden

Sensory Garden A sensory garden is a self-contained area that concentrates a wide range of sensory experiences. Usually these gardens senses include sight, touch, taste, smell and even sound and all of these components are possible to capture in a well-planned, well-executed sensory garden. All gardens appeal to the senses, since every [...]

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Small Space Garden

Small Space Garden Just because your patio space is limited doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beautiful garden. The key is selecting the right furniture and taking advantage of vertical elements like pots, trellises, and hanging baskets. Wire-frame chairs or other furnishings with a slim profile keep the patio from feeling too [...]

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Modern Garden

Modern Garden A Modern Garden offers a cohesive, organized appearance and uses plants that are bold, beautiful and on trend. It is characterized by a sleek, sophisticated style, borrows from Asian design practices, and emphasizes materials like concrete, wood, and stones. The clean lines of a modern, minimalistic garden can perfectly complement  [...]

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CA Friendly® Garden

CA Friendly® Garden A California Friendly® Garden is a garden that “fits” our Southern California climate. It minimizes many negative impacts on our environment and resources by not relying on copious amounts of water, nutrition, or even a gardener’s time and energy. A California Friendly Garden improves the environment around it by [...]

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Culinary Garden

Culinary Garden The culinary garden is a harvesting garden. Sometimes they call them kitchen gardens, chefs gardens and urban farms. A Culinary Garden is a great way to grow fresher, better-tasting ingredients to use in the kitchen, while saving money. Growing your own food can bring a tremendous sense of accomplishment and [...]

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Bird & Butterfly Garden

Bird & Butterfly Garden When creating a birds and butterfly garden, the primary consideration is how your garden will provide access to food, nesting, and water. Pollinators require lots of pollen and nectar rich plants that are close together and planted in large masses. This means your garden will be filled with [...]

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