December Gardening Checklist

Fellow Gardeners, The information, dates and techniques in this blog are as accurate as I can currently offer. During the past three decades I have cared for, nurtured and observed tens of thousands of plants. With the help of many gardening friends I have attempted to offer on these pages some useful information to help [...]

Helichrysum Ruby Cluster

Compact plants with woolly, silver-green leaves add an unusual texture to the garden. In summer, showy clusters of ball-shaped, deep pink buds are cradled in the soft foliage mounds. They open to starry white flowers with prominent yellow centers. Provides excellent contrast in mixed containers.

Northwest Travels Part 3: The Portland Japanese Garden

Northwest Travels Part 3: The Portland Japanese Garden The Portland Japanese Garden is considered by most to be the most authentic Japanese Garden outside of Japan. Created in 1963 in the hills of Portland’s old growth Washington Park, this is a visit that anyone should see when in the Portland area, whether a [...]

Northwest Travels Part 2: The Plant Growers

Northwest Travels Part 2: The Plant Growers During the week of August 19, 2019 our plant buyers made another trip to Oregon and Washington in search of the best plants for Roger’s Gardens. While most of our plants are purchased more locally, we do bring down several loads each year from the Northwest, [...]

Northwest Travels Part 1: Christmas Trees, The Best in the West

Northwest Travels Part 1: Christmas Trees, the Best in the West Yes, it sounds a little big-headed, but at Roger’s Gardens we offer the best and highest quality Christmas trees anywhere, at the best value. But it doesn’t happen by accident. So, in late August, 2019 our nursery buying team took yet another [...]

Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants of Upper Newport Bay

Ron Vanderhoff, Orange County CA Native Plant Society Most everyone reading this already knows of the incredible botanical treasure that Upper Newport Bay is. Orange County, an area of over 500,000 acres, has about 1435 recorded wildland plant species, of which about 890 are native. Upper Newport Bay, at about only about 1,000 acres [...]

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A Trip to an Industry Leading Nursery

Ask anyone who regularly shops for plants and I can guarantee they are familiar with the Monrovia Green Pot. This branding has helped separate them from the rest of growers. However, after touring their 600+ acre nursery in Visalia, California, their branded green pot is not the only thing that makes Monrovia Nursery the [...]

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