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/New in the Gardens

Sweet Peas

Roger’s Gardens has trialed over 50 varieties in the last year and have selected our favorites based on color, fragrance, flower size, petal ruffling and floriferousness.  Three of the most outstanding selections include Carlotta, Anniversary, and Matucana. Matucana Highly fragrant maroon and violet flowers. Enchanté Unusual [...]

Lime Sizzler

Attract hummingbirds and bees to your yard with Hamelia patens “Lime Sizzler”. Invigorate your planters’ foreground with this lively green and yellow foliage shrub. This partial to full-sun perennial blooms sizzling red-orange flowers from spring to summer and maintains an exotic, mounding overall shape (3-4’ tall x 1-2’ wide). “Lime Sizzler” remains particularly effective [...]

Pumpkins, Specialty Squash & Dried Gourds

Roger’s Gardens is overflowing with our legendary selection of unusual pumpkins and squash. We source our hard-shell gourds from a local, family owned organic farm. Dried gourds are great for crafts as well as using outside for birdhouses. Find them in all shapes and sizes.

Grown Your Own Figs

The ‘Black Jack’ and ‘Peter’s Honey’ Figs are attractive, deciduous garden trees that offer fresh, sweet fruits in the summertime. Plant your fig tree today! Black Jack Fig This attractive garden tree has an interesting winter appearance and produces especially sweet, elongated purple fruit in the summer. The semi-dwarf form [...]

First Love Gardenia

How to describe the intoxicating, haunting scent when this flower unfurls its petals? Floral like jasmine? Heavy like thick cream? Sweet as orange blossom honey? Its fragrance is complex, but it’s appeal is simple. It takes just a few blooms to fill a garden with hypnotic and alluring scent, and they’re spectacular when cut for floral arrangements. The [...]