2019 Tomato of the Year

And the Winner is... Pigletwillie's French Black It’s Award Season and we’re joining in the fray! After a summer of tasting, testing, cooking, and generally enjoying the fruits of our labors it’s only right to decide which of those fruits deserves the most accolades right? So how do we decide?  There are SO [...]

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Extending Your Tomato Growing Season

One of the great pleasures of vegetable gardening is finding new and unusual varieties to grow and tantalize our taste buds.  Heirloom tomatoes have surged in popularity in the past several years.  Tomato enthusiasts are finding bounties of bright rainbow colored, sugar sweet flavored tomatoes that are harvested from their gardens with pride and consumed [...]

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Tomato Tasting 2015 | And the Winner is…

2015 may have been our best tomato tasting yet. Roger’s Gardens has been producing this popular summer event for the last 15 years. We were thrilled to see nearly 300 attendees this year. By 9 AM tomato enthusiasts were lined up at both entrances, anxious to taste over 1,700 tomatoes and 70 varieties that graced [...]

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Tomato Tasting 2013 | And the Winner is…

Tomato enthusiasts poured into Roger’s Gardens eagerly waiting for tomato expert, Steve Goto, to start the tasting of over 70 different  tomato varieties. We were thrilled to see over 300 attendees this year. All the tomato lovers lined up and went around two long tables tasting the most delicious heirloom and hybrid tomatoes! And we topped [...]

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Tomatoes – The Essence of Summer by Steve Hampson

I have been gardening for most of my life.  One of my earliest memories is of my parents and me, barely four years old, moving into our house on Long Island with a large back yard.  That first summer I helped my mom plant yellow marigolds and my dad plant his first tomato plants.  By [...]

Hot Tips from TomatoMania!

If I could successfully grow one vegetable every summer in my garden, it would be tomatoes. Forget the eggplant, corn and celery. Just let me pick warm, sun-ripened tomatoes off the vine as early as possible and as late as they can hang in there, and I’m a happy planter. After dropping in on the Tomatomania [...]

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