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Chef's Herb Garden

Chef's Herb Garden

Chef's Herb Garden


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A Roger's Gardens Chef's Herb Garden is an exquisite gift for anyone passionate about culinary arts, offering a personal touch of freshness and flavor to any dish. This hand-selected collection of sage, rosemary, thyme, and parsley provides an essential palette for culinary creativity. Each herb contributes its unique taste and aroma, making this garden not just a gift but an invitation to explore and enhance their culinary skills. The convenience of having these fresh herbs at arm's reach encourages experimentation and can inspire new, flavorful dishes, making it a delightful addition to any chef's kitchen.

The act of nurturing and harvesting one's own herbs adds a deeply personal and satisfying element to cooking. It connects the chef more closely to the process of their culinary creations, imbuing their dishes with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Each snip of fresh sage, rosemary, thyme, or parsley not only elevates the flavor of their meals but also serves as a reminder of the thoughtfulness and care behind the gift. For those in the culinary arts, the Roger's Gardens Chef's Herb Garden isn't just a collection of plants; it's a source of inspiration, a tool for innovation, and a constant companion in the journey of gastronomic discovery.

Intended for outdoor use. Does have drainage. Plant selection based on availability.

Herbs Pictured:
- Sage
- Rosemary
- Thyme
- Parsley

* Actual herbs & flowers may vary depending on the season and product availability.

Dimensions: 10"W x 12"H x 10"D

* In-Store Pickup Available - Fees May Apply
* Delivery in Orange County, CA Only: Available Monday - Saturday

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