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Medium Lavender Pollinator Basket

Medium Lavender Pollinator Basket

Medium Lavender Pollinator Basket


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Lavender, known for being one of the most attractive plants to honeybees and native pollinating bees, makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift from Roger's Gardens. Its fragrant blooms not only enhance the visual appeal of any garden but also support local ecosystems by providing an abundant nectar source. Gifting lavender encourages the recipient to cultivate a pollinator-friendly garden, promoting biodiversity and the health of essential pollinator populations.

In addition to its ecological benefits, lavender is a versatile plant that adds charm and tranquility to any space. Its soothing fragrance and lovely purple flowers create a serene atmosphere, making it a delightful addition to gardens, patios, or indoor settings. A gift from Roger's Gardens ensures high-quality, carefully selected lavender, demonstrating thoughtfulness and care in your choice. Whether for an avid gardener or a nature lover, lavender is a beautiful and meaningful gift that continues to give back to the environment.

Assorted purple, white and grey seasonal plants based on availability. Warm brown wicker handle basket.

Dimensions: 10"W x 16"H x 10"D

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