Emily McKibben | Visual Merchandiser

//Emily McKibben | Visual Merchandiser

Emily McKibben | Visual Merchandiser

EMKEmily McKibben has been with Roger’s Gardens for 10 years as one of the Visual Designers. She has an background in theater in which she still is involved in to this day. Emily also has a degree from M.U.D.D Make-up Designory, which has led to a career as a make-up artist for independent short films and music videos. Her love of the performance world has randomly led her to visual merchandising at small boutiques and eventually to Roger’s Gardens! She is very passionate about creating beautiful spaces, pouring over cookbooks, hugging dogs, and travel.

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  1. Joannah Reynolds October 2, 2016 at 1:23 am - Reply

    Hello there… I am just sending a quick note to congratulate you & your visual merchandising team on the most inspiring in store theatre I have ever seen. I am rarely moved to contact people directly, but every picture I have seen of the in store shots has made me smile and fill with admiration for such a talent. I have worked in retail for many years & I have run my own homeware & gift store for six years now and love every day, your style is great inspiration to me, thank you. To visit your store would just be amazing, sadly not that easy from Suffolk. England. Maybe one day….

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