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Outdoor Garden Consultation

Consult with an expert horticulturist in-home or in-store for one hour. Consultation includes: garden & plant advice, water conservation strategies, vegetable & fruit gardening, soil and nutrition needs, seasonal suggestions, and problem solving.

In-home consultations are a great way for us to provide high quality advice. The ability to see the garden, the soil, the irrigation, the sunlight and the plants firsthand is very helpful. Do be aware, that this is not a professional design service. We can provide ideas during a consultation, but a professional design is a much more time-consuming and thoughtful investment.

  • Garden & Plant Advice
  • Water Conservation Strategies
  • Problem Solving
  • Soil & Nutrition Needs
  • Seasonal Suggestions
  • Vegetable & Fruit Gardening

Consultation Fee & Credits

Consultation fee is $250 – *Up to 15 minutes of travel each way is included for all in-home visits. A $10 fee applies to outlying areas.

In-home Consultation Credit – Receive a 20% discount, for a one-hour in-home consultation, towards your next purchase of gardening products.

In-store Consultation Credit – Receive a 20% discount, for a one-hour in-store consultation, towards your next purchase of gardening products.

*Consultations are available for one-hour within Orange County from Monday- Thursday only. Consultations are for information and advice only. Available in-home or in-store.

For complete landscape design, installation or maintenance services please contact, Roger’s Gardens Landscaping.

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7. Please be reminded that this is a one-hour consultation and not a comprehensive design service.

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