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Planting Service

All you do is choose some great plants from Roger’s Gardens. Our expert sales associates will help you make the right choices and the right combinations. You can even schedule a home consultation with your sales associate to help you with your plant selections or layout. Then, we’ll schedule the date of your installation. Our trained installers will do the rest; you don’t even need to be home.

A professional, basic planting service for people who love gardens, but don’t love digging… just don’t have time.

Just choose the plants you want and schedule your installation, and we will do all the dirty work for you.


  • Planting in the ground
  • Planting in containers
  • Small flowers up to large trees
  • Organic soil amendments
  • Organic Fertilizers
  • Watering of your new plants
  • Shrubs, trees & vines are guaranteed


  • Select the plants you want. We will number the plants individually and provide you with small numbered flags to take with you. Just place these flags in the soil or in the containers exactly where you want your new plants installed. Make sure the planting areas are ready and accessible, with no obstacles or other plants in the way.
  • If you would like professional help laying out your plants, just schedule a consultation with one of our staff. We will come to your garden and do all the layout for you.
  • Our planting crew will arrive with your new plants and install them properly, exactly where you placed the flags. We will use the Roger’s Gardens amendments or fertilizers you and your salesperson have selected. Then we will give the new planting a good deep watering.


* Limitations

This is a basic planting service, not a landscaping, contracting or design service. For full-service landscape services please contact Roger’s Gardens Landscaping at (949) 640-5806.

Our planting staff does not remove plants, trim existing plants, change the grade in an area, adjust irrigation systems or perform any other maintenance or landscape functions.

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