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Husky Cherry Red - 4" Pot

Husky Cherry Red - 4" Pot

Husky Cherry Red - 4" Pot


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The Husky Cherry Red Tomato is a popular variety known for its vibrant red cherry tomatoes that are both sweet and tangy. This type of tomato is small in size, typically about an inch in diameter, and grows in abundant clusters. The plant is characterized by its "husky" stature, with a strong, compact growth habit that makes it ideal for container gardening or limited space. Its cherry tomatoes are highly regarded for their exceptionally sweet flavor, making them a favorite for salads, snacking, or as a colorful garnish.

This variety is noted for its early maturity and high yield, making it a rewarding choice for gardeners. Husky Cherry Red Tomatoes are also resistant to many common tomato diseases, contributing to their popularity among home gardeners. The plants require full sun and regular watering for optimal growth. These tomatoes are not only delicious but also add an ornamental appeal to gardens and patios, with their lush green foliage and bright red fruit clusters.

Type: Cherry
Class: Hybrid
Category: Indeterminate
Day Count: 65

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