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Brandywine Sudduth's - 4" Pot

Brandywine Sudduth's - 4" Pot

Brandywine Sudduth's - 4" Pot


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The Brandywine Sudduth Tomato is a renowned heirloom variety celebrated for its exceptional flavor and distinctive appearance. This indeterminate tomato plant produces large, beefsteak-style fruits that are known for their deep, dusky pink to red hue and slightly ribbed, irregular shape. The tomatoes are highly sought after for their rich, complex flavor profile, which combines a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. This makes them a prized choice for slicing, gourmet sandwiches, and salads, where their intense and luscious taste can be fully savored.

In terms of cultivation, the Brandywine Sudduth is a vigorous and robust grower, often requiring staking or caging due to the size and weight of its fruits. These tomatoes typically start maturing around 80 to 90 days after planting and continue to bear fruit throughout the growing season. Gardeners appreciate this variety not only for its delectable flavor but also for its adaptability to different growing conditions. The Brandywine Sudduth Tomato is a timeless classic in the world of heirloom tomatoes, offering both outstanding taste and a unique, slightly rustic appearance that harkens back to its historical roots.

Type: Beefsteak
Class: Heirloom
Category: Indeterminate
Day Count: 80

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