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Wilhelm Schweizer Pewter is made in Diessen, Germany which is located in the countryside of Bavaria.

 Each pewter figure starts with the artist drawing the image to be created into pewter. The engraver then carves this image into the stone slat until the desired shape is created. Two molds are made to provide a mirror image for the front and back of each figure. Molten pewter is poured into the mold, which cools and hardens very quickly. Each piece is removed from the mold and is carefully inspected before it goes to the artist to be hand painted. High quality enamel paints are applied with special brushes called Rotmarderhaar. These brushes, along with the skill of the artist, allow for the extreme fine detail that Wilhelm Schweizer pieces are known for.  No two pieces are alike, thus making each piece unique and a work of art.

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