Ron Vanderhoff Lincoln Park Conservatory 8-08Ron Vanderhoff is a lifelong southern California gardener, professional horticulturist and native plant expert. Ron literally grew up in the outdoors; by age five he was planting, weeding and tending to a garden of strawberries, roses, flowers – and a very messy willow tree.

Ron’s early exploits took him on expeditions and explorations throughout the southwestern United States. Generally, any spot not on a map became Ron’s  playground and he soon learned most of the native plants, insects, birds and animals he came across.

Ron’s passion graduated to horticulture. For over thirty years he has been a leader in the gardening community and for the past twelve years at Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach, where he is the General Manager.

Ron’s passion for nature also lies in our wild gardens and he spends a great deal of time exploring Orange County’s trails, canyons, seaside’s or mountains searching for, photographing and documenting our native flora. He is the local field trip leader and board member of the California Native Plant Society, a garden writer, a teacher and past Chairman of California’s Certified Nursery Professionals. Ron is a contributor to The Sunset Western Garden Book and of the soon to be published Wildflowers of Orange County.

When not in a garden or on a trail, he lives with his wife and children in Lake Forest, CA.

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