Roger’s Gardens has trialed over 50 varieties in the last year and have selected our favorites based on color, fragrance, flower size, petal ruffling and floriferousness. 

Three of the most outstanding selections include Carlotta, Anniversary, and Matucana.


Highly fragrant maroon and violet flowers.


Unusual tricolored flowers – a favorite!

Royal Pink

Deep rose pink flowers prolifically produced.

Little Red Riding Hood

Showy red and white flowers.

White Frills

Pure white, heavily ruffled.

Just Jenny

Navy blue flowers produced prolifically.


Large, frilly, orange red flowers.

Lady Nicholson

Showy flowers with mauve striping and flecking. Good scent.


Carmine flowers with good fragrance.


Pink picotee flowers with good fragrance.

Turquoise Lagoon

Unique mauve flowers which age to turquoise.


Dark chocolate maroon flowers with good fragrance.