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California Friendly Gardening ® Solutions Contest

Enter Roger’s Gardens’ 8th Annual “The Orange County CALIFORNIA FRIENDLY ® Gardening Contest.” A California Friendly garden features smart and sustainable landscaping. It is designed in harmony with the surrounding environment using beautiful less-than-thirsty plants, state of the art irrigation control, and precision sprinkler heads. The CALIFORNIA FRIENDLY Garden Contest celebrates and rewards these outstanding [...]

Tomato Tasting 2014 | And the Winner is…

2014 may have been our largest tomato tasting in the 14 years that Roger’s Gardens has been producing this popular summer event. By 9 AM tomato enthusiasts were lined up at both entrances, anxious to taste over 1,600 tomatoes and 80 varieties that graced the tasting tables this year. Steve Goto, as he has since [...]

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CA Friendly Gardening Solutions | California Friendly Garden Winners Start a Trend

About a year ago, the Freemon’s decided they wanted a fresh look for their 28-year-old Huntington Beach garden. Their main motivation was the unattractive lawn that required constant watering. […]