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Autumn in the Garden Rooms • Inspiring Fall Décor

No season makes me feel like I want to be at home like Fall. I grew up under a harvest moon over a Pennsylvania cornfield where winter often peeked into October, blowing a soft frost across our mornings and a chilly mist into the night. We walked brisk and quick back to our homes, [...]

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Global Patterns – 2018 Home Décor Trend

Warm and earthy tones are making a comeback this summer, replacing the cooler pastel palettes from past seasons.  Along with this shift is also the change of patterns and designs which feature natural materials and folklore patterns. These neutral accessories will bring back the memory of your favorite vacation or travels abroad and set [...]

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Christmas Decorating Trends for 2015 by Eric Cortina

Autumn is finally here, and our thoughts are drawn to the upcoming holiday season. Planning our parties, decorating the tree for Christmas and getting the home ready for guests are all part of this time of year. To help you decide on the direction to go with your decorations this holiday season, I have gathered [...]

Behind The Curtain: Halloween 2015 – Something Wicked This Way Comes

Don’t look. I’m serious. You aren’t ready for it. You really don’t want to know. I can tell you’re thinking about it. I can see you, you’re standing there glancing nonchalantly at the curtain and the sign saying “Coming Soon” but you really shouldn’t peek. It’s not going to be pleasant. There are some things you can’t [...]

Furniture That Says “Relax and Enjoy” by Bari Hembree

Summertime is upon us, a time when we plan time with family and friends. In this we consider preparing our homes for our guests. Of course we want our homes to show who we are and what we love, this can start with placing an artistic piece of furniture in just the right spot. In [...]

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A Few of Our Favorite Things by Sylvr Sharp

I was helping a guest pick out a cachepot the other day. She had narrowed it down to a selection of 3 candidates. Not certain, she turned to me and asked “Well, which one do YOU like best?” As a merchandiser I get this question often not only because I know almost every item in the [...]

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Tips for Accessorizing Your Outdoor Space

As evenings in Orange County grow long and warm, and the coastal mood relaxes into summer, it’s time to take the fun outdoors. There’s no better way to spruce up your backyard, deck or patio entertaining space than with bold, playful or themed accessories. […]

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