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Indoor Plants

The Garden Rooms provide an assortment of indoor plants and large specimen plants to help you celebrate your health while designing your perfect indoor green living space.

Our Garden Room staff is on hand to help you pick out the best plant for your lighting and watering needs.

Create your urban jungle today!

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What’s New

Pilea Peperomioides (Chinese Money Plant)

Pilea Peperomioides, Chinese Money Plant or Pancake Plant, has become one of Roger’s Gardens favorite house plants! This unique and sought-after plant has beautiful round leaves, is decorative in nature, and makes the perfect statement piece for any home. Pileas are easy to grow, look great in containers and love bright indirect light.

Cacti & Succulents

Cacti and succulents are collectible, architectural and ideal for sunny windowsills. They have leaves or stems that are filled with water and nutrients that allow the plants to grow and can be grown in your home. Cacti and succulents are among the easiest plants to care for; they require bright light, low water and do very well in containers.  

Clean Air Plants

It is a fact that plants make you physically feel better. Studies conducted by NASA and ACLA both concluded that plants placed in the home or office improve and purify the air.

How does this work?

  • Common plants clean the air by filtering or absorbing harmful chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.
  • Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and add humidity to any living space.
  • The recommendation is to place at least two plants within every 100 square feet.

While all plants by nature have the ability to improve air quality, studies show some were more efficient. Below are ten indoor plants that are most effective in treating pollutants, and easily acclimate and grow indoors.

Areca Palm

Dypsis lutescens


All Varieties

Spider Plant



All Varieties

Chinese Evergreen



Epipremnum Pothos

Peace Lily


Rubber Tree

Ficus elastic

Money Tree


Schefflera arboricola clean air plant

Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Schefflera arboricola