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Echeveria ‘Ebony’

Echeveria agavoides ‘Ebony’ has been a collector’s delight since its introduction into cultivation in the early 2000s. The original plant of 'Ebony' was collected wild in Mexico. ‘Ebony’ is notable for its vivid dark coloration and is great in pots, along pathways or in a rock gardens. The more sun exposure it receives the more [...]

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Scents of Summer

Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis floribinda) Clusters of fragrant, pure white, tubular flowers contrast nicely with the dark green, leathery leaves. A favorite of florists for wedding bouquets. This handsome vine will twine up a trellis, arbor or fence with support. An excellent container plant. Evergreen. Grand Duke Arabian Jasmine [...]

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Passion Flowers

Passion Flowers (Passiflora) are fast-growing perennial vines with wonderful showy flowers. Passion flower is a tropical flower native to southern Brazil and Argentina. These beautiful flowers will be sure to attract any nearby butterflies to the garden. The fruiting varieties also produce delicious fruits filled with nicely tart, bright orange pulp perfect for snacks [...]

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Edible Garden

Bountiful Blue Blueberry An award winning variety with the bluest foliage of all! Pink-blushed flowers produce a big crop of large, sweet, juicy berries on a compact, mounded shrub. Perfect for hedging or planting in large tubs. Self-fertile, though planting another variety may yield a more prolific harvest. Needs only [...]

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California Native Plants

Salvia apiana An Orange County native Salvia! Striking silvery white lance-shaped leaves are held on stiff branches that grow 2’ tall by 4’ wide. Flower spikes appear in spring with white blooms on rigid 3’ stems. Loved by bees and hummingbirds. Heat and drought tolerant, it really doesn’t want much summer water. Requires [...]

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Stunning Succulents

Echeveria subsessilis Forms compact rosettes of flattened, spoon-shaped leaves. Rosettes are sky blue, blushing pink along the margins in strong light. Hummingbirds love arching stems of pinkish-orange bell-shaped flowers. Great windowsill or rock garden plant. Kalanchoe ‘Fantastic’ A truly "fantastic" succulent with rosettes of 4-6" leaves, gray-green with lots [...]

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