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The Best Plants for Fresh Door Wreaths

The Best Plants for Fresh Door Wreaths

A door wreath of fresh greenery is such a versatile piece of décor and can suit any holiday. Wreaths allow us to get creative, and we can make them out of just about anything our hearts desire.

While wreaths are typically associated with Christmas — and that’s not too far away! — it’s always nice to have a multi-purpose décor that’s suitable across many seasons. For this article, we’ll focus on ways to incorporate fresh plant materials to make a unique door wreath that lasts from November straight into the new year.

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Choose Your Aesthetic

When thinking about your aesthetic, you’ll need to choose what sort of material you want the base of your wreath to be. Grapevine bases are great for larger and more complex designs and are sturdy enough to withstand exposure to the elements, making them perfect for fresh door wreaths.

Another popular style that is more chic and modern uses a simple metal hoop as the backdrop. The metal hoop can be picked up from your local craft store in silver, gold, copper, or bronze colors. This look is meant to be minimalistic and has hints of the metal exposed rather than entirely covered with foliage—it’s perfect to reuse for all-season décor!

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Choose a Color Palette

Choose materials that make a statement but aren’t over the top. Experiment with warm and cool tones and a neutral color palette to give your door wreath a classic appearance.

To keep the style neutral, stay away from using only brilliant autumn colors like orange and yellow. Instead, stick to materials that reflect a fall vibe while remaining relevant as we transition into winter.

Some common materials for autumn and winter-themed door wreaths are boughs of fresh evergreens, pinecones, dried grasses, sprigs of holly, magnolia, and eucalyptus. While we love using these items, we also suggest you create a fresh California-inspired door wreath that will uniquely reflect the beautiful natural landscape of our state.

To make a California-themed door wreath, consider using plant materials such as manzanita branches, alder cones, red toyon berries, buckwheat seed heads, acorns, and oak or sycamore boughs.

How to Make a Fresh California-Inspired Door Wreath

Now that we have some materials in mind, it’s time to create our new California wreath. Here’s how to make it:


  • One 18” grapevine wreath
  • Manzanita branches
  • Red toyon berry bunches
  • Acorns
  • Moss (of your choice)


  • Floral wire
  • Pruning shears
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun

Step One:

Use your floral wire to wrap a layer of moss around the center of your wreath. We recommend using green-colored floral wire as it will blend in easier.

Step Two:

Using your pruning shears, clip your manzanita branches into manageable pieces, paying close attention to how your branches naturally bend and leaving at least 2 inches of stem at the bottom of the branch. Insert your branches into the back of your grapevine wreath, using the hot glue gun to secure them in place. Repeat this step until you have manzanita branches all around the wreath. If you’ve paid attention to the direction, your branches will naturally bend in your wreath and should have a nice spiral look to them.

Step Three:

Add your berry and acorn embellishments. Poke the stems of the berry bunches through the front of the grapevine, adding hot glue to secure them in place. Acorns are much lighter, so you should get away with just gluing them in place.

Step Four:

As the finishing touch, add another layer of moss to fill in any holes or gaps between the berries and acorns and to provide your wreath with a bit more depth. For a more minimalist look, let some of the grapevine or metal backing peek through.

This all-season door wreath provides your home with a fresh, rustic style that fits for both fall and winter. The green and brown provide warm, earthy tones, while the pop of red is reminiscent of winter holly berries—but with a Californian twist!

Your front door gives guests a first impression, and making it warm and inviting goes a long way! Are you inspired to make a fresh multi-season door wreath? Stop by our garden center for further inspiration and fresh greenery to help get you started!

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