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Buddhas Cup Rain Chain

Buddhas Cup Rain Chain

Buddhas Cup Rain Chain



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Buddha's Cup Rain Chains would be a beautiful addition to any patio or exterior environment, enhancing the ambiance with their serene and artistic appeal. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, these rain chains feature miniature Buddha's cups that gracefully guide rainwater down in a cascading fashion. The elegant design not only adds a touch of Zen-inspired tranquility but also serves as a functional and decorative alternative to traditional downspouts.

Incorporating these rain chains into your patio or outdoor space creates a soothing and captivating experience. As rainwater gently flows through the cups, a sense of serenity and harmony fills the air, transforming your environment into a peaceful sanctuary. With their artistic allure and functional benefits, Buddha's Cup Rain Chains elevate the aesthetics of any exterior setting, providing a unique and elegant solution for rainwater drainage that seamlessly blends beauty with utility.

Cup Width: 5 7/8"
Cup Height: 3.5"
Bottom Opening: 1 3/4"

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