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Monterey Liqui-Cop Copper Fungicide Concentrate - 16oz

Monterey Liqui-Cop Copper Fungicide Concentrate - 16oz



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Monterey Liqui-Cop Copper Fungicide Concentrate is an exceptional product for protecting your plants from fungal diseases. This concentrated fungicide contains copper, which effectively controls and prevents various fungal infections, including leaf spots, blights, and mildews. The concentrated formula allows for easy mixing and application, providing efficient and cost-effective plant protection.

Monterey Liqui-Cop is suitable for use on a wide range of plants, including fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. Its reliable and proven performance makes it a trusted choice among gardeners. With Monterey's commitment to quality and plant health, you can confidently defend your plants against fungal diseases and maintain a healthy and vibrant garden.

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