Halloween Boutique • Malice in Wonderland

Follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole to experience Wonderland, a labyrinth full of strange and impossible décor to fill your home for Halloween. Enter the Red Queens domain, but be cautious of her wrath, or she will threaten to cut off your head with just a snap.  Find yourself exploring the Mad Hatter’s workshop, full of treasures, surprises and frights. Celebrate a very merry un-birthday by pulling up a chair for a cup of tea at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as the clock strikes midnight.  In a world that is simply mad, join us for an unimaginable visit to Roger’s Gardens’ Malice in Wonderland this Halloween season.  We’re All Mad Here!

Down the Rabbit Hole

Slide down the rabbit hole where reality looses its footing and the world becomes unnatural and chilling.

Queen of Hearts

Hail the Queen of Hearts.  But don’t be fooled, there is no loving heart here–just a pulsing ache drenched in dark and forbidding dreams.

Tea Party

You’re invited to tea!  But do you dare to lift that dainty cup to your lips?  What toxic liquid is it?  This party is not for the squeamish.

Alice’s Garden

Drink from the potion that Alice holds and see what frightful transformations develop.  But only if you dare!

Mad Hatter

Don’t be swayed by the Mad Hatter’s charms as he tips his hat to you.  There’s a sinister layer here as he levels his unearthly gaze at you and unleashes all his madness.