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2022 Rose of the Year: Princesse Charlene de Monaco

Rose of the Year: Princesse Charlene de Monaco

There are so many beautiful roses to plant in California, but sometimes a variety appears that just takes your breath away. The Princesse Charlene de Monaco is one of those roses. There’s no surprise it’s named ‘Roger’s Rose of the Year’ for 2022! This romantic rose is pure fantasy with delicate, powdery pink blooms blushing with apricot centers. Each individual flower holds anywhere from 60-100 petals, creating an impressive display reminiscent of classic oil paintings—almost too beautiful to be real!

While its peony-like blooms are exceptionally large, the shrub remains a manageable 4-5 feet high, spreading 3-4 feet wide. Its perfume is especially strong and sweet, with hints of fresh fruit. You’ll love cutting this rose for bouquet arrangements—that fragrance and beauty always leave a lasting impression.

Rose of the Year: Princesse Charlene de Monaco

How to Care for Princesse Charlene de Monaco Roses

This spectacular rose is just as elegant and stylish as Princesse Charlene de Monaco herself! Bring a regal air to your garden with this stunning selection—you can grow it in the landscape as a border plant or plant it in containers for a grand display at your home’s front entrance.

Sunlight and Spacing: Full sun is necessary to keep Princesse Charlene de Monaco or any rose happy. Pick a spot that gets 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day. Space your plants 36” apart. Try to choose a spot with a good windbreak so that your roses don’t get damaged from heavy winds and storms.

Rose of the Year: Princesse Charlene de Monaco

Water: When you first transplant Princesse Charlene de Monaco, you’ll need to water them every 2-3 days to help them get established. Mature plants prefer watering at least once per week—sometimes more during the hottest months—and a thick layer of mulch across the soil surface to slow moisture evaporation. Princesse Charlene de Monaco is quite tolerant of heavy rain, so you shouldn’t encounter any issues if you’re growing them in containers with drainage holes.

Soil: Rich, well-draining soil is a must. Work some fresh compost into the ground to bulk up the soil with nutrients and improve moisture retention and drainage. It can tolerate slightly alkaline or acidic soils, but pH-neutral soils are ideal.

Pruning: While Princesse Charlene de Monaco is incredibly disease-resistant, if you do notice any signs of disease or fungal growth, prune off the affected canes with sterilized shears. Make a diagonal cut above an outward-facing bud for best results. You can prune and reshape your shrub in late winter. Remove all dead or damaged canes and tidy up the plant if there are any awkward branches that jut outward.

Rose of the Year: Princesse Charlene de Monaco

If you’d like to bring home the Princesse Charlene de Monaco rose or any of our other spectacular roses, visit Roger’s Gardens Rose Nursery to explore the whole collection. If you don’t find what you want in our store, we have over 200 varieties to shop from online, including many hard-to-find varieties, rose trees, espaliers, and more.

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