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2022 Tomato of the Year!

Tomatomania Chooses Its Tomato of the Year!

‘Bronze Torch’

How Do We Decide? There are SO many good tomatoes for home gardeners.

First and foremost, the Tomato of the Year needs to taste incredible.

In only its first year in our trials, just one bite of this beautiful, elongated cherry or grape style fruit induced eye rolls and sighs and all the reactions you might expect when tasting something truly delicious and unique right from the garden.

Brick red with dark green and gold striping, the color intensifying through the season, its sweet and complete tomato taste literally leaves mouth agape. It’s hard to say exactly what it is about the taste that’s so alluring but you just know you’ve not tasted a cherry like this one.

Many tomatoes will lure you in with bright color, and yes, even stripes (!), then offer you a handful of fruit after a long season. Fine if you’re growing 50 plants and sure, we can forgive the tastiest among them. But there’s no harm in bowls or buckets of fruit is there? It’s grown well from the coast to the valleys, and it always delivers. Yes, sometimes in buckets.

The 2” fruit is in the style of perennial favorites like Juliet or Blush.
A long cherry, often with a pointed end, this plant produces heavily on a light airy frame. It’s an indeterminate variety and will begin to produce around 70 days. The foliage is tidy and perky, and in our trials the largest plant was not much over 4’ tall.

It’s comfortable in both a large container or in the garden, excelling in both venues. Fruit arrives early but you can expect to be amazed all summer long and yes, well into the fall season.

What exactly do you use this one for? Sliced or Sauced?
Use it in salads, make a memorable sauce, roast it for myriad uses, chop it for salsa etc. but it’s true excellence is in an unadorned state. Just eat it right from the plant. Don’t bother with salt. Be amazed.

We couldn’t be happier to celebrate such a marvel of a tomato. The first true cherry style in our Hall of Fame line up, we know it will cement its place in your hearts and garden this season.

We’ve got so many wonderful varieties to share with you this season!