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6 Big, Bold Houseplants With Gorgeous Green Leaves

If you’re on the lookout for some statement houseplants with big, bright green leaves, these six stunners are at the top of our list! There’s something awe-inspiring about a large-scale houseplant with luscious, healthy leaves that gleam in the sunlight. They’re the perfect way to elevate your home decor and bring a touch of opulence to the scenery.

For Big Style and Even Bigger Color, You Can’t Go Wrong With These Glorious Green Houseplants

A large, distinctive plant can have all the visual impact of a modern art sculpture! Bring the wow-factor to your home decor with one of these high-impact houseplants.

Ficus Lyrata

Otherwise known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, this elegant houseplant can get quite big and has lustrous leaves with a slight ripple, like ruffled silk. A large Ficus lyrata can grow to the size of a small tree, so they make a nice statement plant for spacious rooms and landings. Fiddles tend to be a bit finicky, so you’ll need to follow its plant care directions closely. However, the visual payoff of those big, beautiful green leaves is a worthy reason to pick up this designer favorite! Keep your Ficus lyrata in bright, indirect light, and avoid direct sunbeams so that its leaves don’t develop a sunburn.

Kentia Palm

Bring the beachy vacation resort aesthetic to your home with a lush and lovely Kentia Palm! This mini palm tree offers the classic tropical palm look with fronds that flutter delicately in the breeze, creating a fun, carefree atmosphere that feels stylish and polished. They start out small, and their growth is slow and steady, but they can reach up to 10 feet in height at full maturity. Kentia Palms are also pet-friendly and non-toxic, so if you’ve got curious pets or toddlers at home, you can rest assured they won’t get sick if they sneak a little taste test.

Monstera Deliciosa

The big, beautiful Swiss-cheese-like green leaves of this trendy plant are reminiscent of a Matisse print. There’s something so satisfying about watching new leaves emerge from a Monstera, slowly uncurling a little more each day, to reveal a fresh new leaf with its own unique pattern. As a tropical plant, it prefers humid air and indirect sunlight. In the wild, it climbs up trees and other structures, clinging to its aerial roots. A moss pole or stake can help to keep the large leaves of this houseplant upright and supported.

Sansevieria Laurentii

The Sansevieria, or “Snake Plant,” is one of the toughest, most low-maintenance houseplants around. It’s a total breeze to take care of it, and it rewards you for your minimal efforts with maximum color and visual spectacle! This houseplant’s distinctive, striped green leaves can grow incredibly big, but its upright growth habit makes it easy to fit in small spaces. They don’t need much sunlight or water, so they’re great for brightening up small apartments and busy offices!

Dracaena Lemon Lime


The electric green and yellow striped leaves of this houseplant make a big statement, lighting up the room like a neon sign! Dracaena Lemon Lime is an easy-care, low-maintenance plant that can tolerate low, medium, or bright sunlight levels. Just try to avoid putting it in direct sunbeams for extended periods, or else those neon green leaves could get scorched from the sun. Water once every two weeks, and fertilize in the spring and summer to get the biggest, brightest leaves possible.

Bird of Paradise

It can take a while for this flowering houseplant to bloom, but we don’t mind because its long, dark green leaves have such a fun, tropical vibe! They have a slightly rippled effect, bringing subtle texture to your scenery. It’s a good idea to give this houseplant’s big shiny green leaves the occasional wipe with a damp cloth once every few weeks or so. Dust can accumulate on them, which can dull their glossy green finish and interfere with your plant’s natural transpiration process. Keep your Bird of Paradise in bright, indirect light, and keep the soil consistently moist.

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