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6 Simple & Stunning Hanging Basket Design Ideas

Hanging baskets are the easiest way to spice up your outdoor space, but with so many possibilities to choose from, a few fresh ideas can help you narrow down your options! These outdoor hanging basket ideas are easy for gardeners of all experience levels to tackle and can all be customized for your style and preferences. Try these out this year, and don’t forget to share your creations on social media using the hashtag #rogersgardens!



Beautiful Begonias

Some flowers are so perfect for hanging baskets; they look just as stunning alone or in outdoor plant arrangements. Begonias are one such flower, available in diverse varieties that leave something for everyone, from double-flowering Rieger begonias and nonstop tuberous begonias to the weeping bell-shaped flowers of pendula begonias. When creating hanging basket arrangements with begonias, look to the color wheel for ideas; the neon tones of begonia flowers are great for contrasting with other outdoor annuals like lobelia, impatiens, and fuchsia.



Polished Petunias & Colorful Calibrachoas

Speaking of calibrachoas, few annuals are available in such impressive color variations as this trumpet-shaped flower and its larger counterpart, the petunia. We love the impact of a hanging basket filled with three tones of the same flower. Try arranging three different calibrachoa or petunia cultivars on the same side of the color wheel (such as yellow, gold, and pink) for a dimensional look. Create contrast by mixing colors on opposite sides of the color wheel. For a patriotic hanging basket, try vibrant red petunias with trails of violet-blue and white calibrachoa.



Whites & Muted Tones

If your interior décor is filled with neutrals, you may gravitate toward the same kinds of ideas when it comes to your outdoor hanging baskets. There’s no shortage of white floral options to fill your hanging baskets, from fine-textured blooms, like gypsophyllum, to bolder flowers like white geraniums. However, you can elevate the neutral look by pairing white florals with muted foliage plants. For example, Dusty Miller features silver-white succulent leaves, while ‘Silver Falls’ dichondra cascades with an abundance of muted sage-green foliage.




Kokedamas are a trendy, ultra-rustic style of hanging planter that do away with the look of a basket. Instead, the plant is nestled into a live moss ball and suspended for display. Kokedamas can be kept indoors or out, similar to standard hanging baskets, but they do require regular attention to keep the moss moist and healthy. Ferns and members of the bromeliad family (such as tillandsia, or air plants) are both excellent for planting in DIY kokedamas, or you can purchase a pre-made outdoor floral arrangement from our plant nursery!



Window Boxes for Shade

Window boxes are a fantastic way to dress up your home’s facade or the railing on your balcony, but the position of your eaves can make it challenging for some boxes to receive full sun exposure. If sunlight isn’t abundant on your exterior windowsill, fill your window planter with colorful plants that can tolerate fewer hours of sun. Think begonias, fuschias, coleus, and impatiens.



Hanging Herbs

Another fabulous idea that marries beauty and practicality is to fill an outdoor hanging basket or a fabric wall pocket planter with your favorite herbs. Strategy is critical for these baskets; it’s best to pair herbs with similar heat and sunlight preferences to ensure your hanging herb garden remains abundant. Basil, thyme, rosemary, lavender, strawberries, sage, mint, oregano, and summer savory offer intense flavors and stand up well to the California heat. Cilantro is prone to bolting in hot weather, and while its flavor isn’t quite as tasty after flowering, the flowers themselves make a nice ornamental touch to your basket.

Need more inspiration? Visit our Orange County nursery in Newport Beach to explore even more hanging basket ideas to beautify your outdoor space this year.