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A Guide to Gardening Tools

A Guide to Gardening Tools

Like many other industries out there, the gardening world is known to have lots of different over-the-top and unnecessary gadgets that promise the world but don’t necessarily deliver. This is something that we would like you to avoid!

Rather than send you off into the unknown and questionable Google-verse to find out for yourself, we have rounded up a list of 15 of the most common and valuable gardening tools.

A Guide to Gardening Tools

1. A Trustworthy Hand Trowel: A good-quality trowel is something that every gardener needs in their arsenal to help them dig a little deeper and generally just make planting a little easier. The high-quality tempered steel of this Welldone Serrated Trowel by DeWit offers the best of both worlds, combining the benefits of a hori-hori knife with a traditional trowel. This multipurpose tool allows the user to easily cut roots, stubborn weeds, and dead perennials in addition to working as a sturdy, handheld shovel! DeWit tools combine old-fashioned quality with innovative designs, and we truly just can’t say enough about them here at Roger’s Gardens.


2. A Classic Hand Fork: Hand forks, just like trowels, are one of the most common garden tools, and for good reason. A solid, well-built hand fork will help you remove weeds, loosen dirt ahead of planting, divide perennials, and tidy your soil level around border edges.

A Guide to Gardening Tools

3. A Garden Hoe: A tool that actually predates the plow, the garden hoe is used to remove weeds and cultivate the soil. Generally, a flat hoe will get the job done when it comes to moving and smoothing soil, but there is another option—the wiggle-hoe or Hula Ho will give you a bit of an efficiency boost for tough jobs like weeding!


4. Pruning Shears: Bypass pruners, which are one of the most common types of pruning shears for a good reason; they are fantastic at making smooth, clean cuts using two curved blades that literally bypass one another. Kind of like scissors, but for the garden world! At Roger’s Gardens, we’re especially fond of the Felco brand; the quality of the Swiss design speaks volumes from the hardiness of the steel blades to the ergonomic comfort of their handles.


5. Loppers: A good quality pair of loppers will make tree-trimming season a breeze. Try them out in the store and select a lightweight product, as heavier ones will make the job seem that much more labor-intensive.


6. A Great Gardening Shovel: Just like the handheld version, every gardener needs a trusted shovel. Most have a round pointed tip, making it easier to turn soil, move compost, and dig holes for planting. Like your loppers, try to choose a shovel that isn’t too heavy while still sturdy enough to stand the test of time.


7. Weeders: There are a few different styles of weeders. Some have a sharp prong at the end to dig out deep taproots. Others, like this DeWit Cape Cod Weeder, can be dragged under the soil to slice weeds off at the base.


8. Plant Auger: These handy tools help you till soil and swiftly create holes to plant bulbs at a consistent depth. If you’re doing any mass planting, we promise you’ll love having a plant auger on hand!


9. Watering Can: With their tapered spouts and limited storage capacity, watering cans allow you to carefully give your plants exactly the right amount of water they need. With so many style options to choose from it’s easy to find a watering can that easily blends into your home aesthetic.


A Guide to Gardening Tools

10. Garden Gloves: While not necessarily a ‘tool,’ a good quality pair of garden gloves are an absolute must for any gardener! They’ll keep your hands clean and, more importantly, protected from sharp debris or thorns in the garden. A pair with high cuffs are especially popular for added wrist and lower arm protection, plus they keep dirt and gardening debris from falling inside your glove, creating that icky feeling.


11. Plant Markers: Skip the guesswork and get yourself a good quality set of plant markers. From bulbs to vegetable varieties, plant markers are sure to help keep you organized in the garden.


12. Wheelbarrow: An old wagon will only do the trick for so long if you’re serious about gardening. Invest in a good-quality, lightweight wheelbarrow to save your back while moving mulch, fertilizer, soil, and everything in between.


13. Rakes: Any of you out there who have a deciduous tree in your yard (or nearby) will want to invest in a good quality leaf rake, but it’s also helpful for all gardeners to have a garden or soil rake on hand. Try this DeWit Junior Leaf Rake on for size if you’re partial to smaller garden tools or want to get the kids involved with yard work.

A Guide to Gardening Tools

14. A Compost Fork: Often also referred to as a mulch or manure fork, a compost fork is ideal for loosening and transplanting compost. It also helps to turn and move other bulk materials like mulch.


15. Kneeler: Save your clothes, knees, and back by purchasing yourself a good-quality kneeling pad (or bench). Kneeling benches have handles that help you stabilize as you stand up, but even if you just get yourself a foam kneeling pad, your knees will thank you!

Great tools make a world of difference! Dig in and play in your garden more efficiently or share the love by gifting one of these essential tools to a gardening friend. Stop by Roger’s Gardens to stock up on all of your garden supply essentials!