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Celebrate Earth Day
with Roger’s Gardens
“Acorns to Oaks”

Oaks need your help. Years of drought and wildfires, coupled with new pests and diseases are taking a large toll on our native oaks throughout California. We don’t have numbers for Orange County, but in San Diego County 80,000 oaks were killed in 2023 alone. Across California, 36 million trees that were killed in the same year.

A Very Special Oak

Roger’s Gardens, under permit, collected very special acorns from beneath what botanists believe is possibly Orange County’s largest Coast Live Oak tree. With a 110ft. canopy diameter and 36 foot trunk circumference it is a giant. We’ve been sprouting and growing them for the past few months are now they are ready for planting.

About Your Oak

Coast Live Oaks are possibly the most important tree in Orange County. They support more biodiversity than any other single plant species. They also absorb huge amounts of CO2, release plenty of Oxygen, and shade and cool our environments.

Acorns to Oaks

How To Grow Your Oak

Plant this oak in a garden or landscaped area. Oaks and other trees should not be planted in wildlands without the land managers consent. If you would like to plant the tree at a park please ask permission.

Acorns to Oaks

Select a sunny location that isn’t overly wet or heavily irrigated. Oaks don’t like too much competition either, so an open space is ideal. Plant directly into the native soil and water very thoroughly the first time. Add organic mulch to the soil surface around the young tree. To establish the tree, keep the young plant well-watered through the first year, including during the the summer.

Acorns to Oaks

A mild organic fertilizer may be helpful for the first year or two. Coast Life Oaks are easy to grow.

Thank you for creating habitat, combating climate change, and sending the message that you care about the planet.

Happy Earth Day from Roger’s Gardens!

Acorns to Oaks