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Best Houseplants for Small Spaces

Best Houseplants for Small Spaces

While everyone loves a big, bold statement plant, those little corners need love, too! Fill in the gaps in your interior design with these small-scale stunners. Here are some of our favorite plants for small spaces.

Maidenhair Fern

One of our favorite plants for small spaces, the Maidenhair fern exudes romantic qualities. From its fine-textured, weeping fronds to its cheerful emerald color, this beautiful houseplant works as an accent with virtually any design aesthetic. The only non-negotiables of caring for Maidenhair is that their soil must be kept evenly moist at all times, and they prefer a spot with bright, indirect lighting.

Ponytail Palm

Nothing brightens up a drab corner like a Ponytail palm! While they look like miniature trees, this small-space-friendly plant is actually a succulent—and it’s one of the best choices for adding a shock of texture wherever it’s needed! While their rather dramatic “hairstyle” makes these plants look a little high-maintenance, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Ponytail palms are adaptable to a variety of lighting conditions and prefer infrequent waterings.


The Wanderer

Also known as Tradescantia, this stunning trailing plant is practically made for hanging pots. The Wanderer’s silver-streaked leaves with signature whitish undersides make this one of the best plants for adding vertical interest to small spaces. In spring and summer, the colorful vines grow quickly and abundantly, creating a low-maintenance and high-impact statement piece. Bright, indirect light and slightly elevated humidity are best for this gorgeous houseplant. Offer water when the top half of the soil feels dry to the touch.


A rather unique plant with thick, dense foliage, Selaginella can wear many hats in your small space design. Due to its moss-like texture, it can be trimmed into a neat mound or allowed to grow out into a rustic-looking trailing houseplant. Selaginellas are similar to ferns and share a preference for consistently moist soil. They thrive best in bright, indirect light.


Staghorn Fern

Staghorn ferns have enjoyed a massive boost in popularity over the past couple of years! The ribbons of grey-green foliage look absolutely fabulous in pots, but they’re even more stylish when mounted to the wall—a perfect space-saving solution for small rooms. Staghorns also require less water than most other ferns, and can wait until the top layer of soil has dried. They do well in medium to bright indirect light.

Variegated Hoya

It’s impossible not to fall in love with the variegated hoya. This trailing beauty features gorgeous cream-variegated leaves with the occasional blush of pink—too sweet for words! Keep this cutie in a hanging planter or small pot in any space that could use a fun accent, and you’ll see why this has been one of the most coveted plants of the year. It prefers watering when the top layer of soil feels dry to the touch and requires bright, indirect light.

ZZ Plant

You’ll certainly catch some ‘Z’s while taking care of a ZZ plant—it’s famous for being one of the most easy-care houseplants around! Tolerant of infrequent waterings, low light, and practically non-existent feedings, this is the ideal dorm room plant. Ideal for virtually any space, whether small or large, this plant’s bold, glossy foliage is sure to energize the room.

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