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Carpet of Stars: Changing The Face of Curb Appeal

Lawns are a problem for California. A bold accusation, I know, but it’s true. Non-functional lawns are thirstily soaking up California’s precious water, and they present a slew of other environmental concerns as well. Moving forward, it is necessary to consider inventive new alternatives for our outdated lawns. Our favorite lawn replacement option at Roger’s Gardens is Carpet of Stars, an excellent groundcover that will redefine your outdoor space, and save a lot of water too.

What’s So Bad About Lawns?

Carpet of Stars: Changing The Face of Curb Appeal

According to a prominent study by NASA and NOAA, turf grass in the U.S. occupies triple the space of any other irrigated crop. This makes turf the largest and thirstiest crop in America, although lawns provide no food for Americans and offer few environmental benefits when compared with other landscape options. As America’s largest crop, turf grass also requires enormous inputs of fertilizer and pesticides, contributing to run-off issues and water pollution. And with California’s worsening drought cycles and frequent water restrictions, it is of great concern that turf grass often uses the majority of household water consumption during the hot summer months. As we work harder to conserve our precious water in California, it has become clear that we can no longer sustain grassy front yards, with no functional value, on every block.

What if I told you there was a better way? That you could get rid of your thirsty, outdated lawn while still enjoying the benefits of a verdant, lush, even walkable greenspace?

Meet Carpet of Stars.

What is Carpet of Stars?

Carpet of Stars: Changing The Face of Curb Appeal

Carpet of Stars, or Ruschia lineolata ‘Nana’, looks like lush green grass at first glance, but is an evergreen succulent that forms low, dense mats. It is an incredibly hardy plant, thriving in hot and droughty conditions, but also tolerant of milder weather and slight shading. Once established, your Carpet of Stars will require very little maintenance other than a deep watering about once a week or less. ‘Nana’ is soft, spongey, and tolerant to moderate foot traffic, which means your pets and kids are still free to play, and that it will actually be comfortable on bare feet. This fantastic plant even has dainty, blush flowers in the spring, hence its whimsical name.

The Benefits of Growing Carpet of Stars

Carpet of Stars: Changing The Face of Curb Appeal

There are many benefits to making the change and replacing your lawn or other thirsty ground cover with Carpet of Stars. ‘Nana’ will use far less water than a traditional lawn, which is better for California water conservation but also better for your water bill, and your wallet. It is highly adaptable, as it grows quickly and is capable of filling everything from large swaths of space to the smallest cracks and crevices between stepping stones. This plant will truly fit whatever purpose you need. Carpet of Stars is also less susceptible to pests and disease than a traditional lawn, meaning it will require little to no pesticides or fertilizer. This will save you money in the long run, but also make your front yard a healthier and safer place for your pets and children to enjoy.

Carpet of Stars: Changing The Face of Curb Appeal

Water-wise lawn alternatives like Carpet of Stars will help create a healthier environment for your family and for generations of Californians to come. Come into Roger’s Gardens to purchase Carpet of Stars today.

By: Melissa Martens