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Easy Ornamental Grasses

Easy Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are an easy yet effective way to add important landscaping features to your gardens, such as height, texture, and color. Most ornamental grasses are low maintenance, making them an easy choice for gardeners without any additional fuss—and let’s be honest, that’s the goal for most of us! These are just a few of our favorite easy ornamental grasses.

‘Regal Mist’ Pink Muhly Grass

Add a pop of color to your landscape with this gorgeous deciduous grass plant! The beautiful textured blooms of this grass resemble a soft spray of pink mist that lasts from late summer through fall. The delicate pink plumes paired with glossy green foliage make for an eye-catching addition to your landscape—and it’s such an easy grower! Regal Mist Pink Muhly grass grows to be 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide and prefers partial to full sun exposure. This outstanding specimen works well in a group or as a stand-alone statement plant. 


Easy Ornamental Grasses

Maiden Grass

Maiden grasses offer striking ornamental features and are an unbelievably easy addition to your garden. Fine sword-shaped blades are green in color with a defining silver stripe down the middle; in the fall, the foliage turns a golden bronze providing your landscape with stunning seasonal color. The feathery seed heads ruffling in a breeze are lovely to look at and provide your landscape with multi-seasonal interest.

Maiden grasses grow in a mounding habit, making them perfect for punctuating borders or growing in masses. They prefer full sun and will grow in most soil types— even clay! —while also being tolerant of dry conditions or excessive moisture. There are many different varieties of maiden grass, but a few of our favorites are ‘Japanese Silver’ maiden grass, ‘Adagio’ maiden grass, and ‘Graceful’ maiden grass. 


Easy Ornamental Grasses

Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Grass

These blue-green grasses are highly popular for their ornamental value as well as their ease of care. Growing horizontally from its stem, this ornamental grass’s unique flag-like seed heads are immediately eye-catching and remain even into the winter. Starting as chartreuse in the summer, the seed heads fade to an attractive tan color perfect for a neutral fall palette.

‘Blonde Ambition’ grasses like to be planted in full sun but are tolerant of various soil conditions. The versatility of these grasses is appreciated by most gardeners, as they’re perfect as an interesting stand-alone specimen or as border plants where they provide beautiful texture and color contrast. The flowering foliage also makes excellent cut flower arrangements.

Easy Ornamental Grasses


‘Ice Crystal’ Frosty Sedge

These ornamental grasses feature a stunning freshly frosted appearance, with their deep green blades softly framed with bright white color. They are easy-keepers and provide your landscape with instant ornamental contrast that’s perfect for the fall and winter. In the summer, small brown flowers appear amidst the dense foliage from June to August.  

If you have a rock garden, the ‘Ice Crystal’ sedge serves as a perfect focal point. These grasses benefit from full sun to partial shade and like a consistent watering schedule.

Learn more by watching: Low Water Ornamental Grasses with James Maxwell and stop into Roger’s Gardens to shop our ornamental grass selection today!