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Fall Planting Tips & Advice

Simple Steps to Successful Fall Planting
By Ron Vanderhoff - Nursery Manager

Remove tired summer annuals and vegetables that are at the end of their season. Review the rest of the garden for other plants that need replacement or an improvement. Take them out now.

In The Ground

1) Prepare the garden soil. In the ground, our basic formula includes:

• 2-4 inches of Roger’s Premium Organic Planting Mix. Don’t skimp!
• 2.5-5 lbs. per hundred sq. ft. of Down to Earth Organic All Purpose Fertilizer.
• 25 lbs. per 100 square feet of Gypsum. Turn these products thoroughly into 6” of soil.

2) If possible, keep the area moist and let it sit for 2 weeks.

3) Arrange the plants in the area for a good design.

4) Plant the largest trees and shrubs first, then the smaller ones and just slightly above the soil line.

5) Add flowers and spreading perennials to fill in empty areas, offer quick color and to knit the design together.

6) Top dress with 2” of Roger’s Organic Planting Mix to conserve moisture, reduce weeds and moderate soil temperatures.

7) Water very thoroughly and deeply, wetting the soil slightly past the root depth.

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In Containers

1) Remove some or all of the soil in the pots. It will usually be massed with roots from the prior plants.

2)Check the drain hole(s) and be sure they are clear and adequate. Drill more, if needed.

3) It is a good time to clean the pot if it is dirty. A little vinegar and a brush will remove most water stains.

4) Put a small screen over the drain hole(s).

5) Begin adding Roger’s Premium Organic Potting soil to the pot and tamp it firm. Do not add rocks, gravel or any other material inside the pot.

6) Mix 2 TBS Down to Earth Organic All Purpose Fertilizer to every gallon of soil.

7) Plant your new plants so they are at exactly the same soil level as they were in their growing pot. Don’t bury their necks!

8) Add more soil around the plant and firm in.

9) Water thoroughly until water flows freely from the drain hole(s).

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