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Lemon Verbena Tisane

Fun with Lemon Verbena

• Popular herb for perfume in Victorian days
• Great for potpourri
• Used in milled soaps, such as mistral
• Infused sugar
• A perfect herb to poach stone fruit

a medicinal drink or infusion, originally one made with barley. A tisane is perfect to enjoy on a Summer evening! Very simple to make, very fresh.

• Pick 1-2 handfuls of lemon verbena, this will be about 10-20 leaves.
• Place them in a teapot.
• Heat water to nearly boiling, and pour the water over the leaves.
• Allow to steep for several minutes, and feel free to leave the leaves in the pot after you begin to enjoy your tisane – they will make it pleasantly stronger as it sits.
• Feel free to lightly sweeten with simple syrup.