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Melon Lemon Thyme Mint Shrub

Melon Lemon Thyme Mint Shrub


• 2 pounds of cantaloupe or melon / cut into chunks
• ¾ cup granulated white cane sugar
• ½ ounce of lemon thyme
• ½ ounce of mint leaves bruised
• ¾ cups white wine vinegar


• Add cantaloupe chunks and sugar to a bowl, stir. Cover and leave to macerate on the counter for a few hours

• In the interim, add mint and lemon thyme to the vinegar in a glass jar

• After the cantaloupe has macerated, drain off the liquid and set aside

• Discard the solids (or save them and make ice cream)

• Add the liquid to the mint and lemon thyme vinegar

• Place the mixture in the fridge for up to 3 days

• Taste until you’re happy with the level of mint and lemon thyme

• At that point, strain out the mint and lemon thyme and discard the solids