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Introducing a
First Exclusive
Collector’s Series

The Striking Beauty of Pigletwillie's French Black Tomato

Visually stunning, magnificent flavor and solid production

That’s the way we want any tomato introduction to start and when you add a wonderful name like Rebel Starfighter Prime, how can you miss?

In the world of tomato breeders, garden enthusiasts and yes, “Tomatomaniacs,” there are, from time to time, new varieties that capture the hearts, minds and taste buds of this earthy but demanding crowd.

This season, this is the tomato. The hard-to wrangle initial/core variety of an ever-expanding family list that soon will wow in different colors and shapes, it’s hard to deny its appeal and a demand among tomato glitterati that can only be called hysterical. Add to the fact that seed can generally be obtained “5 seeds at a time, limit one package” and well, gardeners can’t get enough. Literally.

Rebel Starfighter Prime is an indeterminate, regular wispy-leaf tomato plant. A rare variety from legendary breeder Russ Crowe, it’s a cross of Xanadu Picasso x RHK GWR Heart. Beautiful heart-shaped fruits are often lobed as well, with deep red/maroon flesh, anthocyanin (blue) shoulders and various other colored stripes from stem to blossom end. Gold? Yes. Ruby? Yes, Purple? Of course.

The plant is energetic, grows to 6’+ and produces early (for an oxheart/valentine type) and over a long season. We’ve seen it excel in the ground and in (large) containers, while its stature and energetic growth pattern will require some staking. Fruit size will vary but can be as large as 10 oz.

The flavor is deep and rich, well-balanced between sweet and long-lasting umami. As with the rest of its class this is a multi-purpose variety, if you can actually stand to cut it up and eat it. It’s almost too pretty!

Will be productive in both warm and cooler locales and, like all anthocyanin tomatoes, the more direct, unobscured light received, the darker the anthocyanin presentation. Tomatomania of Southern California, the World’s Largest Tomato Seedling Sale, has been able to procure a larger cache of seeds than is normally available and will enthusiastically share this variety at its events in the 2024 season. Enjoy!