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The Best Low-Growing Groundcover Plants

The Best Low-Growing Groundcover Plants

There are so many gorgeous groundcover plants we can grow in Southern California, and they serve several purposes. They’re great for filling in the gaps between taller, flashier plants in the garden or for covering lots of surface area, creating less lawn and adding more color. Groundcover plants can make beautiful low-growing hedges for bordering paths, and they add stability to sloping terrain, preventing landslides and soil erosion. As they spread and fill up space, there are fewer opportunities for weeds to pop up and spread their roots.

Add These California Groundcover Plants to Your Landscape

With vibrant flowers, striking foliage, and plenty of texture, these attractive groundcover plants will have a remarkable effect on your landscape.

The Best Low-Growing Groundcover Plants

Drift Groundcover Roses

You might be surprised by how easy it is to care for drift groundcover roses. These low-growing shrubs are super heat-tolerant and highly resistant to diseases, so they don’t have the high-maintenance reputation of many other roses. Drift groundcover roses are available in a dazzling spectrum of colors like peachy pink, red, sugared lemon, coral, and apricot—it might be hard to pick a favorite!

Star Jasmine

This vining jasmine makes a spectacular groundcover, but it also can grow up trellises or walls, coating surfaces with a lush carpet of greenery and gorgeous flowers. Its tiny, star-shaped blossoms are icy white, but they really pop against its dark, glossy green foliage. If that weren’t reason enough to love this versatile groundcover, it has an absolutely intoxicating fragrance that we can’t resist! You’ll love catching a whiff of this aromatic jasmine when the breeze comes in through your window.

The Best Low-Growing Groundcover Plants

Kaleidoscope Abelia

A psychedelic splash of rainbow color will illuminate your garden when you plant Kaleidoscope Abelia. Its variegated leaves emerge bright red, then transition to electric lemon yellow and green while maintaining their vibrant red stems. They do produce cute little white blossoms, but really, it’s the technicolor foliage that gets people talking. If you’re all about high-impact designs and ultra-saturated color, you’ll love this vivacious groundcover or low-growing shrub..

Ice Crystal Frosty Sedge

Each skinny, dark green leaf blade has a glittering silver frost trim that never melts away, creating a beautiful cool-toned foliage plant that brings balance and serenity to the garden. If you prefer subtle color palettes and lean toward soft neutral tones, you’ll love what Ice Crystal Frosty Sedge does for your garden design. Plant it around taller garden flowers for a delicate yet distinctive filler plant that dances in the breeze.

Prince of Wales Juniper

The Best Low-Growing Groundcover Plants

While technically considered an evergreen, one of the most noteworthy qualities of this beautiful groundcover is the purple hue its leaves take on during autumn. Bristled and hardy, they emerge with a cool, oceanic blue-green shade and rarely exceed over 6 inches high. Prince of Wales Juniper looks incredibly stunning when planted throughout sloping rock gardens or along retaining walls.

Golden Jackpot Bougainvillea

Magnificent Mardi Gras colors make this Bougainvillea a top pick for California gardens. Its variegated gold and green foliage forms a thick, lush mat, with ultra-vivid purple blossoms that contrast beautifully. It spreads to about 5 feet wide, but if given a structure or trellis to climb, it can reach up to 10 feet! Otherwise, as a groundcover, it shouldn’t exceed 1½ feet high.

Roger’s Gardens has one of the most impressive and varied selections of groundcovers in California. Visit us soon to explore all our options for spreading plants to fill up the empty spaces in your gardens and landscapes. If you have any questions regarding how to care for plants like Drift Groundcover Roses or other low-growing plants, don’t hesitate to ask one of our experts! We’re happy to help.

For more information, check out our video on How to Plant & Grow Groundcover with Dalia Brunner.