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The Magic Behind the Disneyland Rose

This is the tale behind the Disneyland rose, a very special flower, available in limited supplies at Roger’s Gardens during the Spring and Summer rose flowering season!

The Story Behind the Disneyland Rose
Like everything at Disneyland, there’s an amazing story behind this exquisite flower. If you’ve been one of the thousands of guests to visit the park each year, you know Disneyland is famous for its incredible landscaping—including hundreds of different flowers, trees, topiaries, and of course, roses. The gardens at Disney have always been essential for creating that magical sense of escape you feel when you walk through the gates.

However, the most enchanting flower of all is an absolutely stunning multi-colored rose that blooms abundantly throughout the park. This flower, known as the Disneyland rose, resulted from tireless searching by the Disney Horticulture team. The folks at Disney needed to be extremely picky about the plant that would bear the Disney name; it had to have a unique color and also perform well against disease in the park’s sprawling landscape.

In 2001, Disney Horticulturist Karen Hedges personally examined thousands of floribunda-type roses in search of the perfect cultivar. Then, she found it—a shrub with an impeccable lineage that bloomed large, multi-colored, lightly fragrant flowers. By 2002, the newly-anointed Disneyland rose was planted at the park entrance and in several areas throughout the grounds, where they still bloom today.

What Sets the Disneyland Rose Apart?
The Disneyland rose is an unforgettable combination of beauty and uniqueness; no two blooms are exactly alike. The rose opens with multi-colored petals that range from the softest pinks and apricots to shades of magenta and orange, bright enough to be seen from miles away. The light, signature spice fragrance is a key part of the rose’s charm; it’s scent that lives on in so many memories from their time at the Happiest Place on Earth.

However, the Disneyland rose did not earn its name based on beauty alone; despite its delicate appearance, the rose is extremely high-performing in the garden. Not only is it a heavy bloomer, but it’s also exceptionally resistant to diseases like powdery mildew and rust. With its excellent vigor, disease resistance, and unparalleled beauty, the Disneyland rose is sure to attract onlookers—including plenty of butterflies!

Caring for the Disneyland Rose
Like other roses, the Disneyland rose performs best in a sunny location, planted in well-draining soil enriched with plenty of compost.

Regular pruning and deadheading will keep the plant blooming until the frost.

We recommend using organic fertilizers to feed your Disneyland rose. Our favorite is Down to Earth Rose & Flower mix, available at our garden center.