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The Most Beautiful Varieties of Orchids to Grow Indoors

The Most Beautiful Varieties of Orchids to Grow Indoors

There are so many spectacular varieties of orchids—some are more common, while others are rare and exotic. At our garden center in Orange County, we have plenty of orchid varieties for sale year-round, but if you're lucky, you might find one of the more elusive, exotic orchids hiding on our shelves! Here are some of the most beautiful types of orchids to grow indoors.

The Most Beautiful Varieties of Orchids to Grow Indoors

Phalaenopsis: The Most Common
Types of Indoor Orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids, or "moth" orchids, are by far the most common type on the market, and they're also the easiest to grow! They thrive in the same daytime and nighttime temperatures and humidity as we do. However, not all Phalaenopsis orchids are the same—there are several different cultivars with distinctive colors, sizes, and shapes. Here are some noteworthy varieties and the beautiful features that make them so special.

Waterfall Orchids: This elegant orchid has a downward arching stem, so its blooms cascade like a waterfall! They're usually white, but there are some lovely pink and purple cultivars as well.

The Most Beautiful Varieties of Orchids to Grow Indoors

Mini Phalaenopsis: The perfect mini-plant for desks and coffee tables—miniature Phalaenopsis may be small but always make a big impression. There are endless color options, so why not collect a few to display on the mantle? Plus, they only need occasional watering, so they're great if you're trying to cut back on water usage or are a little forgetful.

Phalaenopsis stuartiana: The upper three petals are crisp white with subtle pink speckles, and the bottom petals have a splash of yellow with deep burgundy sepals. They're quite an eye-catching specimen!

Phalaenopsis schilleriana: Sugary pastel purple-pink blooms make the Schilleriana a popular choice for Valentine's day and anniversary gifts—so romantic and dreamy!

Phalaenopsis bellina: Borneo is known for its magnificently beautiful wildlife, and Phalaenopsis Bellina certainly lives up to the hype! This native orchid of Borneo has five pointed white petals, a subtle flush of green, and a vibrant splash of fuchsia around its lower sepals.

Phalaenopsis amboinensis: With dazzling yellow petals streaked and splattered with bright red, the ultra-vibrant Amboinensis never goes unnoticed!

Phalaenopsis liodoro: This tropical stunner has hot pink petals that fade out to coral, then soft butter yellow. Its star-shaped blooms are so satisfyingly symmetrical.

Phalaenopsis equestris: Icy lavender petals feature a milky white border, golden centers, and one single contrasting purple petal at the bottom.

Phalaenopsis speciosa: The pointed, star-shaped blooms of Speciosa are usually a rich wine red shade, but sometimes they're multi-colored with white and stripes and spots of purple, pink, or indigo.

Exotic Orchid Varieties
That Are Hard to Find

Once in a blue moon, you may discover one of these rare beauties on our shelves at Roger's Gardens! If you're interested in bringing home an exotic orchid, feel free to give us a call at our garden center in Orange County and ask us about our current availability! Here are some of the lovely varieties we occasionally carry.

Cymbidium: A winter-blooming cultivar with pale, rosy peach blooms that last for 1–3 months and very long, skinny sword-like blades of foliage. Cymbidium orchids are very easy to grow outdoors in almost all areas of Southern California.

Oncidium: Their flowers are tiny, but they bloom profusely on tall, long stalks, often of dozens of flowers! Oncidium are typically reddish-plum, yellow, or a combination of both.

The Most Beautiful Varieties of Orchids to Grow Indoors

Odontocidium: With ruffled upper petals and vivid tie-dye colors, Odontocidium brings a bold tropical flair to your home decor. Find them in a stunning spectrum of colors like gold, orange, red, and purple.

Zygopetalum: A truly breathtaking cultivar, Zygopetalum has five pointed upper petals in a bright lemon-lime shade, streaked with deep burgundy. Its large bottom sepal is the brightest shade of purple imaginable, with dark veins and subtle white highlights.

Paphiopedilum: These tropical Lady Slipper orchids come in so many spectacular color combinations with bold stripes and speckles. They’re known for their distinctive bottom pouch that resembles a miniature ballet slipper.

Visit Roger's Gardens soon to see all our fabulous varieties of orchids for sale! Stay tuned for our feature blog on proper care and how to keep your orchids blooming brightly!

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