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Cheers to Mom: How to Create a Vibrant Colored Outdoor Tablescape for Mother's Day Brunch

Tablescape for Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day is a special occasion to celebrate and honor the amazing moms in our lives. This year, why not treat your mom to an unforgettable brunch, filled with love and laughter, in the comfort of your own backyard? With a theme like "Cheers to Mom," your outdoor tablescape should be as vibrant and unique as the woman you're celebrating. In this blog, we'll walk you through the steps to create a stunning, color-filled outdoor tablescape using vibrant hues of orange, hot pink, yellow, and green, complete with citrus accents, gorgeous flowers, and delightful party favors.

Step 1: Choose Your Color Scheme
The first step in creating a vibrant colored outdoor tablescape is to choose a color scheme. For "Cheers to Mom," we recommend using orange, hot pink, yellow, and green. These colors are bright, cheerful, and perfect for a Mother's Day celebration. Citrus oranges and lemons can be used as accents to add a fresh and summery touch.

Tablescape for Mother's Day Brunch

Step 2: Choose a Vibrant Tablecloth
Begin by laying the foundation for your tablescape with a bright and colorful tablecloth. Choose a design that incorporates the colors you want to feature, like orange, hot pink, yellow, and green. A bold, graphic print or a mix of floral patterns will instantly set the tone for your vibrant Mother's Day brunch.

Step 3: Floral Dinnerware by Vietri
To complement your tablecloth, select Vietri's floral dinnerware for an elegant touch. The beautiful hand-painted designs bring a touch of Italian charm to your table, while the vibrant colors tie in perfectly with your theme. The dinnerware set typically includes dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and mugs, providing a cohesive and stylish look for your outdoor brunch.

Step 4: Brightly Colored Centerpiece Flowers from Roger's Gardens
No tablescape is complete without a stunning centerpiece. Head to Roger's Gardens and select a mix of flowers in shades of orange, hot pink, yellow, and green to create a breathtaking arrangement. Consider choosing blooms like roses, tulips, dahlias, or gerbera daisies for a cheerful and eye-catching display. Place the flowers in a vibrant vase or clear glass container filled with citrus fruit slices for added visual interest.

Tablescape for Mother's Day Brunch

Step 5: Citrus Accents and Table Decor
Incorporate citrus fruits like oranges and lemons into your tablescape for a fresh and fragrant touch. Scatter whole fruits or slices across the table for a pop of color or use them as place card holders by attaching a name card to each fruit with a toothpick. You can also fill glass jars or bowls with citrus fruits for a simple yet striking decoration.

Step 6: Mix and Match Glassware and Flatware
Add an eclectic touch to your tablescape by mixing and matching colorful glassware and flatware. Choose pieces in shades of orange, hot pink, yellow, and green to coordinate with your theme. This playful mix of colors and patterns will add a touch of whimsy to your table, perfect for a celebration in honor of your mom.

Step 7: Mix and Match Glassware and Flatware
As a final touch, surprise your guests with a delicious party favor. Louis Sherry's orange chocolates are a delightful choice, offering a burst of flavor that perfectly complements your vibrant tablescape. Place one at each guest's place setting or wrap them in a colorful bag or box as a take-home treat.

With these simple steps, you can create a vibrant, color-filled outdoor tablescape that your mom will adore. The combination of bright colors, floral patterns, and citrus accents will make your Mother's Day brunch an unforgettable celebration. So go ahead and raise a toast to the amazing moms in your life, surrounded by the beauty of your "Cheers to Mom" themed tablescape. Happy Mother's Day!