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How to Use Houseplants to Style Your Entire Home

If there’s one decorating trend that will never go out of style, it’s the indoor house plant craze! Plants have never been more popular, and while it’s easy enough to find indoor plants in Orange County, it’s a little trickier to get solid tips on how to style them to their fullest potential. So, we looked to you to find some inspiration, and you more than delivered! Here are some of the most incredible houseplant decorating ideas you’ve shared with us on social media.

Decorating with Plants in the Bedroom or Living Area

Your greenery truly sets the tone for your living space. These indoor plant ideas for living rooms have us super motivated to refresh our den decor this spring!

Work with an Earthy Palette
You can never go wrong with earth tones! This living area mixes natural tones throughout the space, with a few lighter and darker accents for depth. Notice how the fine foliage and slim trunk of the dracaena complements the overall palette while balancing the heavy proportions of the room?

  Maximize Your Minimalism
A simple space doesn’t have to be void of personality! This space's elements are carefully chosen, so it feels clean and airy and still warm and welcoming. Look how the miniature tree adds something different to the built-in bench space while letting all the surrounding decor “breathe.”

  Curate Your Shelves
A trailing houseplant like this philodendron is perfect for pulling together a collection of photos, books, and knick-knacks that reflect who you are. We love how the books and decorative bowl add a contrasting pop of color!

  Balance Proportions
A statement houseplant is just the right touch for working with height and symmetry. Meanwhile, shorter items and wall art complete the look to make the space feel casual yet cohesive

  Not-So-Mellow Yellow
If you haven’t already heard, yellow is big for 2021! “Illuminating,” a vibrant yellow shade, is one of the Pantone Colors of the Year, and we already see it popping up everywhere from fashion to home decor.

Styling Houseplants in the Kitchen and Dining Area

  When it comes to your kitchen and dining spaces, the rules for decorating with houseplants are a little different. The various surfaces, space constraints, and room dimensions can be a bit challenging to work around, but the final result is well worth it!

  Make Your Foliage Pop
This staghorn fern’s bright green leaves bring so much energy to an otherwise crisp, neutral dining area. We like how the spiky indoor plant container adds a playful touch, which keeps the space from looking too sterile.

Create Contrast
Houseplants always look best in odd numbers, usually a single plant or groups of three or five. However, the group should also look harmonious together, which you can achieve by grouping plants with different heights, habits, shapes, and colors.

Livening Up Your Workspace with Houseplants

Now that everyone and their dog is working from home (in fact, isn’t Fido up for a raise soon?), it’s more important than ever to create a serene space that separates home life from work life. Using plants to decorate your home office can create a pleasant ambiance—and how you use them can vary a lot on what you need from your WFH environment!

  Color Me Happy!
On the flip side, you might be the type who feels easily exhausted without stimulating surroundings. Keep your energy level up by playing with fun colors, quirky decorations, and plants with dramatic foliage shapes like a gorgeous monstera deliciosa.

Share Your Styling Tips on Social Media!
We love to see how you show off your houseplants! Make sure to share your secrets for decorating with indoor plants with us by tagging @rogersgardens on Instagram or using #rogersgardens in your photos.