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Farmhouse Culinary Spice Garden

Farmhouse Culinary Spice Garden

Farmhouse Culinary Spice Garden


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The Roger's Gardens Farmhouse Culinary Spice Garden is an ideal gift for any culinary enthusiast, blending both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This garden set includes a delightful assortment of essential herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Oregano, and Marjoram, each revered for their culinary versatility and aromatic properties. Presented in a charming farmhouse-style arrangement, these herbs not only provide fresh, organic seasoning options for a variety of dishes but also add a touch of rustic elegance to any kitchen or outdoor space. The inclusion of these particular herbs caters to a wide range of cooking styles and cuisines, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for those who love to cook and experiment with flavors.

The Farmhouse Culinary Spice Garden from Roger's Gardens is designed for ease of care and sustainability, making it a suitable gift even for those who may be new to gardening. The compact size and simple maintenance requirements ensure that it fits comfortably in both small and large spaces, be it a windowsill, balcony, or backyard. Cultivating these herbs can also provide a rewarding and educational experience, offering insights into the growth and use of fresh herbs in cooking. Overall, this spice garden is not only a source of fresh ingredients but also a delightful hobby and a beautiful addition to one's living space.

Intended for outdoor use. Does have drainage. Plant selection based on availability.

Herbs Pictured:
- Rosemary
- Sage
- Thyme
- Oregano
- Marjoram

* Actual herbs & flowers may vary depending on the season and product availability.

Dimensions: 11"W x 13"H x 11"D

* In-Store Pickup Available - Fees May Apply
* Delivery in Orange County, CA Only: Available Monday - Saturday

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